MamaRoo, Inc was created by a stay at home mom!  It is an internet business based in the United States.  We have chosen not to make our address public to ensure our family's safety.

Your purchase helps MamaRoo to care for her family from the privacy of her own home, giving them the quality attention and one-on-one time that all families need.    MamaRoo, Inc. contracts other mom owned businesses. 

All of the MamaRoo products are chosen to assist people in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, being made with All Natural, Sustainable and Biodegradable Hemp/Cotton blends!  Our products help to eliminate the need for strollers, disposable diapers, even paper waste.  Some of our products help to promote instinctive parent/infant bonding.  Other products help individuals embrace healing from a less invasive perspective.  We strive to educate people about the importance of living in a more in-tuned state, promoting values such as breastfeeding and baby wearing, and providing incentive for natural healing such as chiropractics and massage.  We are constantly working on new products and welcome any suggestions!

Enjoy your visit to the MamaRoo website.  You’ll learn how to communicate with your baby using infant sign language.  You’ll also be introduced to the most ancient form of hygiene known - elimination communication!  You’ll see how to raise your baby to be diaper-free, right from birth!  There’s plenty of information about the importance of co-sleeping and the family bed.  Are you a breastfeeding mom, or planning to breastfeed?  You’ll find plenty of breastfeeding friendly resources too!  And, of course, you'll discover the benefits of wearing your baby with the MamaRoo Baby Sling!

Many women, (men too!) have written to MamaRoo, telling how deeply the MamaRoo site has touched their lives.  Special thanks to every one of you for opening your souls in your letters, and for allowing MamaRoo to have a small place in your hearts at such a meaningful time in your lives.

Thank you!

PS.  We do little advertising, so your referrals are greatly appreciated!  Forward this site on to a friend, or contact MamaRoo if you'd like to receive our product list of Natural Products by MamaRoo.

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