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I just wanted to write to say thank you for the MamaRoo sling.   My baby girl is now 9 months old and I still use it a lot.  She and I are very comfortable with going on walks and even just doing house work together with her cozy in the sling.  Everyone comments positively on the design.  If she's tired and cranky I can carry her around in my arms or in the sling. Now you would think that in my arms would be the closest and coziest way to calm her but no.  She settles much better in the sling, strange do you think.
I got my sling yesterday! I was shocked! It came REALLY fast! It took me a little while to figure it all out and I still can't get the single shoulder sling carry right, but I'll work on it again today and see how it goes. My little guy would only let me practice on him a little bit yesterday before getting angry with me. I will be sure to e-mail you if I have any questions. Thank you again. I was able to wear my baby for about 20 minutes yesterday in the double shoulder carry and it was awesome! He was so content and happy. I'll have to get a picture of us and then send it to you.

Here I am wearing my baby! He's 6 weeks old and just now getting used to it. I'm really enjoying it, and everywhere I go people give me these stares of awe. 

I love it! :)


Dear MamaRoo,
Thank you soo very much for your wonderful sling. We really love it and Lilli-Rose feels so much lighter when carried with it than any other kind of slings that I tried before. And I love the little pocket that I use as a diaper bag !! Well thought ! 
Here are some cute pictures of us enjoying the special MamaRoo for the first time !
With all my love,
Julie and Lilli-Rose

Dear MamaRoo,
The sling that I have is exactly like the one I ordered for my friend. I love the pistachio color and was tempted to order the natural, (Read more about our fabric) but decided against it for fear it would get too dirty. My son is four months old but is quite the little cherub at a whopping 21 pounds. I can easily wear the MamaRoo without any strain in my back, shoulders, or neck. I went through many slings before arriving at the MamaRoo. I had the NoJo original, The MOE Simply Attached, the Infantino SlingRider, and the Maya Wrap. I also have a Baby Bjorn carrier, which is rough on my shoulders and it kills my back if I wear it for more than 30 minutes at a time. My son also protests this carrier, perhaps because he is quite the little chunker and I have to squeeze him into it. At any rate, the MamaRoo was a great choice for us, and I can easily wear my son while I go about my daily activities and hang out with my 25 month old.  I love the sling for several reasons, including the fact that it is so versatile. My son is happy in any position in this sling...and we all know that a happy baby makes for a happy mama! I love the fabric and am very pleased with how strong and supportive it feels when I wear it. I can rest assured that my son isn't going to slip out somehow. I had a big issue with this when we used the MOE simply attached sling. The fleece, albeit very soft, is super stretchy and my son would slide around all over the place. Although I know a sling is not meant to replace a mother's hands, it helps if you are able to go about your daily life without having to hold the baby upright in the sling the entire time. For me, wearing my son is a daily practice, not an occasional occurrence. I needed something that would hold him firmly in place without putting an enormous amount of stress on my poor body! And so we arrived at the MamaRoo. When I ordered your sling, it was actually a toss up between the New Native and the MamaRoo. The biggest downfall of ordering online is that you cannot physically touch or try on the product. I was frustrated with all of the sling buying I had done and was desperate for something affordable, durable and comfortable. I decided on your sling based on reviews I had read and the versatility it offered. I am very happy to report that we finally found the perfect baby wearing device, and it came from you!  :-)  Jennifer

Dear MamaRoo,
I have used the traditional sling-style carriers for ten years in raising my children and I now have the new MamaRoo sling. I really love it's versatility. I use it in many different ways - my 12 month old son likes facing toward me when he is tired the best. I like that my son is held closely when he falls asleep so that I don't have to hold him with one arm. I also use it in the back-carrying position when I am cooking to keep him away from the stove area. Since I have spent so many years carrying a child on one hip, we also use that style quite a bit.
I have one of the early MamaRoo slings in a print fabric, but I have several friends who have them and have borrowed the new slings made from off-white or pale green hemp/cotton blend. I really like the new material. We have a lot of allergies in my family and struggle to find products that are chemical free. The hemp-cotton blend wears nicely and feels great to the touch. I plan to get the new version soon (now that the holidays are past!). The pattern-less material is also nice because it goes with just about everything I wear.

Meg, Mom to Jim,
Frank and Nelson

Rosana and Ale 
(two and a half!)

Dear MamaRoo, 
I'm so thankful to you for having developed this sling. I discovered a new way to carry my baby when I was no longer able to carry him in the front pack. He needed so much to be in my arms, and your sling has allowed us to go for long walks, run errands together, nurse when needed, be close to each other, chat and look into each other's eyes all the time. I also appreciate that it's very easy to machine wash, and very light so I can carry it in my purse and take it out when needed. My son is now two and a half years old and, though I'm expecting another baby, I still carry him in the sling. I'm looking forward to using it with the new baby right from the start.
Love, Rosana, Mami to Alejandro, 6-6-2000

I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!
I've used this sling since Isaiah was a month old, I wish I had it sooner!  I was using a store-bought front-pack, a horrible decision, the second time I put the baby in it I actually had to cut him out of it with a pair of scissors!  He screamed the whole time.  Now I know he's comfortable and safe.  Isaiah is ten months old now and I've used the sling for so many things!  I use it as a seatbelt in the shopping cart and in the high chair in restaurants.    I can hold him quietly during Sunday services. I nursed him everywhere, and nobody ever knew!    When I went back to work after 6 months, I bought another sling for the babysitter.  I knew he was getting attention because they just loved holding him when other babies were strapped into chairs or sitting in playpens.   I have to say thanks to MamaRoo too, for being there to offer advice every time I needed it, and for letting me ramble on so much about how much I love her sling! Thank you!

(Just after taking this photo, 
Cynthia pulled the fabric 
over his head 
so he could nap uninterrupted)
Isaiah's feet are wrapped 
inside the sling, 
instead of hanging down, 
so there is no pressure 

on his pelvis.

Melissa, Mom to 
"Baby Gandhi" Grant!

I LOVE my MamaRoo. From the moment I got it, my life became so much easier. My son, now 7 1/2 months old is so comfortable in it and so am I. I have had neck problems my whole adult life and the other baby carriers, sling included (I tried 4 different baby carriers) all seemed to hurt after wearing them for a few minutes. The MamaRoo distributes the weight evenly and I have carried my son for hours pain free. My son loves to face out so we use it that way most often but when he gets tired, we face him in and he drops off to sleep.

I like the fabric. I bought an off white one of a hemp/cotton blend. It's made without pesticides, it's a renewable resource, very durable, and when it gets dirty, I just throw the whole thing in the wash. It gets softer every time I wash it.

Other baby carriers were bulky to carry around. I love that the whole thing folds into its own pocket so bringing it along is always easy.

Thank you, MamaRoo, for the terrific sling!  I'd tried all the other over-one-shoulder slings with my first son, but found them too uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.  They were torture on my back!  Wearing my second baby in front with his weight distributed over both shoulders made all the difference.  I could even vacuum the house wearing my baby!  Plus, being able to wear the baby for extended periods of time freed me up to run after my exuberant toddler!  What a lifesaver.
Erica, Delaney & Sean's Mama

Erica and Sean 
(pushing Delaney
  on the swing!)

I'd like to suggest the Mama Roo sling. Since I got mine, it's the only one I use any more. I'm still "learning" it, but I love it! I have a Maya Wrap and KK Adjustable Fleece pouch, both of which I loved as well. What I like so much about the Mama Roo is: that it's lightweight, so I can use it outside in our hot weather, it doesn't have rings, which makes it infinitely more comfortable on my shoulder (it's AMAZING how much more comfortable than my Maya), AND I have the extra position of the front/facing out carry!

At 22 months and 25 pounds, I still mainly carry my son in the cross-carry position!  My back feels fine!  He does really well in the sling when we're doing a steady walk through the mall, outdoors or even on grocery errands.  I have to admit, though, that as soon as we stop walking, stand in line at a check-out or even at the post office, he wants to get out of the sling and explore.  I don't know how I would have made it through the Christmas season without my sling.  My hands are free to carry bags, and my son is safe!  I don't have to worry about him running between aisles or under clothes racks, and nobody is going to snatch him away from me either!
Joyce, Mama to Kevin, 2-14-2002

Dear MamaRoo,
With my first baby, I was ignorant to the fact that a sling even existed.  I had such a content baby who didn't fuss at not being in my arms all the time.  However, with my second child, he had different intentions.  I carried him in my arms for almost five months.  I enjoyed holding him, but it wasn't always practical trying to nurse and hold him and spend quality time with my daughter.  I then found your sling.  I loved the freedom it gave me while still giving me the closeness my son desired.  I wore him in the sling in many positions, until he grew tired of me carrying him and yearned to do his own exploring.  I only wish I would have had a sling from the very beginning of my mothering.  It made nursing, no it made life, a lot easier for me and my children.  My husband also enjoyed wearing him in the sling.  It gave them the close physical contact that they both wanted.  I wish I had a picture to share with you.  I will definitely use your sling from the very beginning next time. 
Love, Andrea

Dear MamaRoo,
My daughter is 7.5 months and about 19 pounds, and I'm quite small; my ring slings are nice but they pull on my shoulders after a while.  So far I absolutely LOVE the MamaRoo sling - it is the answer to my prayers for a good baby carrier!  Thank you!  My baby likes it too, and is currently napping in it.  I'm so glad I have this sling now; I just wish I had had it when she was a newborn, as it works so much better than any of my others.  (I've tried 3 other slings and 1 front pack and like this one the best.)  Yesterday we took a walk around the block, and it was very comfortable, and this evening she was tired but not wanting to sleep, so I tucked her into the MamaRoo, and she was asleep in minutes.  And then I lay down to take a little rest myself, with her still sleeping in the MamaRoo - I can't do that with my other slings.  It looks like I'll be able to carry my daughter for a long time with the MamaRoo, and I look forward to using it with (hopeful) future babies.   All in all, I'm so very thrilled - I feel like carrying my little one is so important, for her and for myself, and I'm happy to have what appears to be a good working carrier.  I can't wait until someone comments on it (I very rarely see baby slings, so I get a lot of comments) and I can direct them to your site!
Sara, Mommy to Laura Anne, 3-4-02


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