Wearing Instructions

MamaRoo Baby Sling - Patent Pending!

Please use carrying positions that are suitable for your child's age and developmental stage!

Yes!  It looks like a lot of steps, but after you've done it once, you'll see that it's just like slipping a shirt over your head and then tying a belt around your waist!
Oh! And the first four steps are already done for you when you purchase the sling!  
It comes pre-threaded!

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Initial Threading Instructions 1.
The MamaRoo Baby Sling is a long piece of fabric with a threading pocket half-way down the length.  My right hand is passed through the threading-pocket in this photo.

Take the inner branch of the sling and pull it through the threading-pocket.

Then put your opposite hand through the threading-pocket and pull the outer branch through entering from the opposite side.

Now you have both branches pulled through the pocket.  The sling is now pre-tied and ready to put on.  Slip your arms through the openings where my hands are holding the branches of the sling.

First time wearing your sling?  
Your sling is already threaded, so start here!
After you slip your arms through the opening, the threading-pocket will be at your neck and the looped branches are at your waist.  Notice that my left hand is holding the inner branch and the right hand is holding the outer branch.

Now switch your hands on the branches so that your right hand is holding the inner branch and the left hand is holding the outer branch.  Basically, you have made an opening for your head, just like putting a sweater on over your head, slip your head into this opening and pull the threading pocket down your back.

Now you should have your head through the opening and the threading-pocket at the very bottom of your back.  Grasp the edges of the threading-pocket with each hand.

Pull the threading-pocket open so that it completely covers your lower back.  Now grab the branches that are hanging down at your sides.

Tie the branches in a loose knot.  (Unlike other slings, it is best to put this sling on tighter and then loosen rather than looser then tighten.)  Slip your arms back inside the looped portion of the sling.  It will be easier to put baby in the sling if you are simply pulling the baby in rather than trying to fumble with the fabric and baby at the same time.

With your arms inside the loops you are ready to pick up your baby.  Take the baby's legs into your hands, then support the baby's back as you pull the legs through the loops.

11. Notice that my arms are inside the loops of the sling and supporting the baby.  The baby can also face outward.  It is best to keep the baby's legs bundled inside the sling for as long as possible, thus keeping undue strain off the developing pelvis bones.  You will know when your baby is ready to sit with the legs outside of the sling.  I suggest reading this article: http://www.continuum-concept.org/reading/spinalStress.html 

Here I am pulling the inner loop completely across the baby's back.  This baby is big enough to sit comfortably.  A newborn can keep his legs bent up inside the sling instead of sitting.

Pull the outer loop across the baby's back, now the baby is supported by both loops.

You have the option of leaving the branches tied under the baby, (fig. 13) or un-tying the branches and re-tying them around the baby's back.

All Done!
A happy two and a half year old and a comfortable mom!

Need HELP!  Some moms accidentally take the whole sling apart and then get really confused.  Here are some extra words of encouragement and directions, just in case!

The MamaRoo sling is different from other slings you've used because it goes over both shoulders instead of just one.  To thread the sling you have to keep in mind that you are using both shoulders.  Do you see where the threading pocket is on the sling, it's the pocket that you can slip your hand in and go all the way through, (not the bag at the end of the one length - the bag sometimes is on the inner and sometimes on the outer length, depends on how it is laid when cutting, so don't worry about which end has the bag)  Now, I know you have the step by step photos that show how to slip one hand through and pull a length and then slip the other end through and pull a length.  Since you had a hard time following them, then lets try something else instead.

Try taking the whole sling apart, sounds like you already did anyway.  Let's start from scratch...  Take the threading pocket in your arms and notice that it is just two pieces of fabric that extend from the top of the threading pocket.  You're going to want the threading pocket to be right on your waste in the small of your back.  If your sling isn't threaded, it is easy to see that all you have to do is drape one length over each shoulder and have the pocket on the small of your back.  Now you can feel how you will get the support over each shoulder but you still have to do the threading.  Take the two lengths that are hanging off your shoulders and cross them on your body.  I usually cross them so that the length that is on the right shoulder is on the bottom of the X on your body and the length that goes over the left shoulder is on the top of the X on your body.  Holding the pocket on the small of your back, reach your right arm through the threading pocket and grab the length that is now on the bottom of the X and is actually draped over your right shoulder.  Just pull it through the pocket.  Pull right through, so that it hugs your body after you have pulled it, it'll be out of the way and you can loosen it in a minute.  Straighten out the pocket a little bit so that you can put your other arm through it without it being all crunched up.  Now just stick your left hand right through the pocket and grab the other length, the one that is draping over your left shoulder and is on top of the X on the front of your body.  Pull that one all the way through so it hugs your body.  You've got a nice tight X on you right now and the sling is threaded.  Loosen up the threading pocket again, you always want to have it un-scrunched, lying nice and flat on your back.  Now, pulling the lengths right at the threading pocket and not from your shoulders, loosen up the X on your front so that you have just enough room to slide the baby in.  Don't keep pulling and pulling the sling cause you'll just end up unthreading it again and you'll have to start over... Make sure the sling is spread out and not bunched up at the threading pocket or on your shoulders, everything nice and comfy before picking up the baby.  Get familiar with the sling this way before trying to pick up the baby because the baby will feel your comfort or discomfort and react accordingly.  Do you see how where the X crosses you can actually sit the baby in the sling and have the baby completely supported?  This is how you'll wear the baby in the cross-carry position.  Notice that the length that is on your right shoulder comes down neatly against your body and it can hold a baby completely supported lying down, then you have the length from the left shoulder that will come over top of the supported baby and cradle the baby again with support.  With a bigger baby and toddler the baby's legs will slide through the sling and come out near the threading pocket on your waste.  The baby's bottom will sit right down in the bottom of the X and the right shoulder length will completely cover the baby's bottom and back, then you'll pull the left shoulder side over top of the baby's bottom again and cover the baby's back. 

You should get comfortable with this before trying the one shoulder positions.  When you're ready, you'll be using the threading pocket in place of the rings.  (Take a look at the Single Shoulder Tying Instructions before following these directions!)  Take the sling off by just pulling it over your head, you don't have to unthread it, just take it off like a shirt.  Now grab the threading pocket in the right hand so that the lengths are hanging down on your right side, both lengths, and the loops formed from the X are hanging on your left slide.  Smooth everything out then stick your left arm right through both loops at the same time, treat them as one don't separate them...  Slide your head through the same whole that you slid your left arm.  Lie the threading pocket on your right shoulder, the lengths will be hanging down in front of you on the right side and the you'll have a nice loop draped in front of you coming across your chest from the right shoulder down around your left waste, under your left arm and back up behind your right shoulder.  Loosen and tighten the lengths till you get a good feel for how to use the sling.  Now you'll want to lie the baby onto the loop, have it tight enough that you won't need to do a lot of adjusting after the baby is in.  The baby can either lie with face up against the right shoulder or near the left shoulder, depends how you feel comfortable and feel the best support, it's just like using a regular sling now.  If you have a bigger baby, just sit the baby in the loop against your left side and pull the loop up over the baby's back.  Toddler is the same.  If you want to nurse but start at a  sitting position, just bring the baby's right leg back around your waste so it's not against your back anymore but is in front of you, slide the baby into a lying down-ish position and let the baby nurse.

Other Wearing Positions

Cross-Carry Position
Hip-Carry Position
Rucksack Back-Carry Position
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