Our Fabric

MamaRoo Products are now made of an 
All Natural 55%Hemp/45%Cotton Blend.  

This fabric is completely 
Sustainable & Biodegradable 
and it is NATURALLY grown! 

The beauty of hemp: 

When hemp is blended with cotton, this new and unique fabric is produced.  It is soft yet durable. It feels like cotton, but tougher and sturdier.  Long-lasting, this fabric is six times stronger than cotton yet "wears- in" instead of "wearing-out", becoming soft and comfy - kind of like a favorite pair of jeans!  Hemp's hardy growth chokes out weeds giving you an almost flawless fabric, grown completely without chemicals!  

The stain fighting properties are awesome!  Even our Natural color stays clean looking and washes well!  Hemp is also preferred by "more natural" moms because of it doesn't allow bacteria to spread, helpful when your little one uses the sling as a teething ring!

This is a comfortable fabric that is neither too hot nor too cold, now being worn in a range of climates: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Spain, United Kingdom, United States...  Let us add your country to the growing list!


Baby Wearing


Infant Sign Language

Natural Infant Hygiene (Diaper-Free)


Bilingual Infancy

Instinctive Mothering

Loving the Lost Baby

Working from Home


EC Open Crotch Pants

Baby Sling

Face Kushes, Chiropractic/Massage Towels