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Milk Bands .

 MILK BANDS are uniquely designed, comfortable silicone bracelets that aid nursing mothers in several different ways!
Milk Bands™ nursing bracelet conveniently provides an infant’s feeding information to the mother all on one wrist; eliminating the hassles of keeping a nursing journal, and the struggle of swapping safety pins, stickers or bracelets from side to side.

Why Milk Bands?

There are holes in the bracelet labeled with hours and minutes. Just use one of the two white markers included to mark the time.

One side of the bracelet says "LEFT" in indented lettering while the other side of the bracelet says "RIGHT" in raised lettering.

Record single feeding sessions or record multiple feeding sessions over a full day.

Record the number of diapers or EC catches during the day

Remind Mom what time the baby fed last.

Remind Mom roughly what time baby is due for another feeding

Help Mom wean her baby by tracking the number of nursing sessions and then eliminating them one at a time

Made of silicone which is not associated with any allergic reactions. 

By flipping the bracelet inside-out, the mother is reminded which breast to use when starting a feeding session. Included on each bracelet is a time tracking device used to record what time or how long the baby fed.

The MILK BANDS™ Side indicator allows Mom to know which breast should be used when starting a breastfeeding session.

Each bracelet is 8" (21 cm) in circumference to fit 95% of nursing mother's wrists.

Limited Offer!  

Free Milkbands Bracelet with order of two pairs of LilyPadz!

Available in pastel colors: blue, yellow, pink, lavender, and green.  
Peach Milkbands have been discontinued and are in limited supply.

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