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Why LilyPadz?

LilyPadz' revolutionary design and features allow you to return to the activities you enjoyed before your baby was born.

LilyPadz are revolutionary new non-absorbent nursing pads.  Working on the age-old principle that pressure on the nipple temporarily stops breast milk leakage, LilyPadz keep that pressure constant, even in the absence of a bra, so you never leak.

LilyPadz combine the unique features of flexibilityk, breathability, invisibility and "aticks-to-you-ability" in it's special soft and non-absorbent material.  So LilyPadz conform and hold to your breast like a second skin, allowing you to return to your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and lifestyle with confidence.

LilyPadz unique design  provides you 
with a non-absorbent layer of protection

that prevents breast milk leakage, 
so there's nothing to absorb! 

Both you and your clothes stay dry.

Sleep comfortably...
LilyPadz stay in place in the absence of a bra.

Go for a swim...
Because LilyPadz are non-absorbent, they are the only nursing pad that remains effective when swimming.  Although they must be applied while dry, LilyPadz stay in place and retain breast milk as you go from dry to wet and dry again!

Enjoy a night on the town...
Great for under evening attire...strapless, sheer, slinky... you name it!

Wear your favorite lingerie...
Not only are LilyPadz thin but they are transparent too!

LilyPadz were invented by a young mother of three who knew that there had to be an alternative to unsightly, inconvenient and costly disposable nursing pads... And she was right.  LilyPadz unique design provides you with a non-absorbent layer of protection that prevents breast milk leakage while in place, so there's nothing to absorb - both you and your clothes stay dry!

Please be sure to contact MamaRoo if you have any questions while using LilyPadz. 

LilyPadz are wonderful!  I wish I had known about them when I was nursing my first baby! No more tell-tale wet circles on my shirts, and no more bulky pads that had to be washed constantly.  I had thrush with my first baby, likely from having the dampness up against my skin from the cloth pads.  No problems this time around!  
Claire, OK

How do you use LilyPadz?

It's easy.  Simply place the LilyPadz over your nipple with the tacky side toward your skin, (be sure to peel the LilyPadz off the plastic backing first!).  With a finger in the center of the LilyPadz, firmly depress the nipple and smooth out over your breast.  Simply lift off the LilyPadz to nurse your baby and then re-apply after feeding.  You can easily stick the LilyPadz to your stomach or arm while nursing, keeping it out of the way but still clean.

Unlike other nursing pads, LilyPadz are continuously usable.  LilyPadz contain no adhesives so the self-stick lining will not wear out with repeated washing.  In fact the lining is renewed each time they are washed so one pair will last for months!  Best of all, the lining is gently on your skin, (some women experience temporary itchiness due mainly to the new pressure sensation rather because of the lining).  Just wash with mild soap and water, rinse, and air-dry before reapplying.  The whole process takes only minutes.

You can even occasionally sterilize your LilyPadz.  Just place in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Some moms comment that they only need to wear one LilyPadz at a time when they are at home.  Remember when the lactation consultant told you to wear a ring and to put the ring on the hand that you finished nursing from, so that you would remember to start on the fuller side? Well, how about placing the LilyPadz on the side that you finished with, so that you automatically start on the full side, without having to remove the LilyPadz!  

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