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Instead Softcup

INSTEAD® Softcup®

The INSTEAD® Softcup® is a unique, proven advancement in period protection. With the INSTEAD® Softcup®, women can now live life during their periods in freedom instead of being restricted by strings and wings!

Don't you agree it's about time we women had a period solution designed for our lifestyles today? Our lives are certainly different than those of women in 1936 when the tampon was first introduced!

Safe to Use
INSTEAD® Softcup® has had extensive toxicology, biocompatibility and microbiological laboratory and human clinical testing.  All results support its safety.  INSTEAD® Softcup® is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe when used as directed.

(Excerpt from Package Details)
Wear Time- Because Instead collects rather than absorbs menstrual fluid, you should be able to wear it twice as long as a tampon on heavy to medium flow days, (for a maximum of 12 hours) and up to 12 hours on lighter flow days.

Comfort- Because of its special design, INSTEAD® Softcup® is non-irritating and works with the shape of your body to create a personal fit. That makes Instead comfortable whether you're sitting, swimming, sleeping, or exercising. It's easy to insert and remove, and cannot get lost inside you. And since INSTEAD® Softcup® holds menstrual fluid away from the air - it leaves you feeling clean and fresh.

Safety- INSTEAD® Softcup® has had extensive toxicology, biocompatibility and microbiological laboratory and human clinical testing. All results support its safety. Instead is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and safe when used as directed.

Do not use INSTEAD® if you are using an intrauterine device (IUD), as there is a risk of dislodging, displacing or removing the IUD by pulling on the IUD string when removing INSTEAD®.  If you have ever had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), do not use INSTEAD® or any other internally worn products.
Maximum wear time is twelve (12) hours.  INSTEAD® must be changed after twelve (12) hours.  Never reuse INSTEAD®, since doing so may expose you to the risk of vaginal infection.  Immediately following childbirth, miscarriage, or termination of pregnancy, consult your physician before using INSTEAD®. 
INSTEAD® is not a contraceptive and does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases.  If you or your sexual partner develop burning, itching, pain or swelling in the genital area or discomfort with urination, discontinue using all internal protection and contact your physician.  If you have problems removing INSTEAD®, call 1-800-Instead (467-8323) and a Registered Nurse (RN) can talk you through the process, or you can contact your physician.
See enclosed insert for more complete product information and instructions for use.

Why use the INSTEAD® Softcup® ?

No Strings.  No Wings.  Just Freedom.
You won't even know it's there.

12-hour feminine protection.
A proven alternative to pads and tampons that you can wear up to 12 hours.

What makes INSTEAD® Softcup® so uniquely different from other period protection options?

The Instead softcup has "marathon capacity."  It holds at least twice as much menstrual fluid as a tampon, allowing some women to go at least twice as long between changes on heavy flow days. On a light day, most women find they can wear one INSTEAD® Softcup® the entire day without changing or risk of leakage. Athletes rave about how the INSTEAD® Softcup® carries them through a long marathon or triathlon. Travelers don't leave home without it!.

The Instead softcup is "body friendly and very safe."  Safety is so important when it comes to taking care of your reproductive system. For added peace of mind, you should know that the INSTEAD® Softcup® has had absolutely no reported incidence of Toxic Shock Syndrome in over 10 years!

The INSTEAD® Softcup® is "life friendly."  With INSTEAD® Softcup®, you don't have to change your routine just because you are on your period. The INSTEAD® Softcup® can be worn during all types of physical activity and because it is worn entirely internally, it's so discreet that you can wear anything (including swimsuits) without revealing any trace of your period protection!

The INSTEAD® Softcup® "loves making love!"  Wearing INSTEAD® Softcup® during your period, you and your partner can enjoy "clean sex"and he won't even feel it's there! (Note: the INSTEAD® Softcup® is NOT a contraceptive!)

The INSTEAD® Softcup® "keeps you fresh."  Because INSTEAD® Softcup® holds menstrual fluid entirely internally, it can help eliminate dampness and reduce odor caused when even small amounts of menstrual fluid leak and are exposed to air, which even tampons can't avoid.

Use the INSTEAD® Softcup® as a reservoir to keep sperm close to the cervix!  Women report that they have inserted these after intercourse to help keep sperm close to the cervix.

Commitment to safety: The INSTEAD® Softcup® is made entirely of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-absorbent materials that have been used for more than 20 years in the health care profession. Cleared by the FDA, it has undergone extensive laboratory and human clinical testing. And, the INSTEAD® Softcup® has NO LATEX, which is good news for all women out there with latex sensitivities!

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