Every woman will have her own preference in baby slings!  Hopefully this comparison will help you decide if the MamaRoo Baby Sling is most suited to you!

How does the MamaRoo Baby Sling compare to Wrap Slings?

While wraps are long lengths of fabric, unpadded, open tailed, adjustable, breastfeeding friendly, and have several wearing positions, the MamaRoo Baby Sling is longer than the wrap slings and it has a threading pocket in the back that keeps the sling in position. Because of this threading pocket design, the MamaRoo does not need to be re-wrapped each time the baby is worn. The threading pocket design also allows the wearer to easily switch from one wearing position to another with little effort. 

Length: Wrap slings runs up to 4 yards long.  When not being worn, it can be folded up like a sheet or long scarf.  The MamaRoo is just under 6 yards long.  When not being worn the threading pocket holds the length in position so that it is more like carrying around a vest.  The MamaRoo can be worn as a shawl if desired, simply follow the rucksack back-carry wearing design, but leave out the baby!

The MamaRoo does not have as many wearing positions as the wrap slings, however it is designed to give extra support in the most common wearing positions. 

The MamaRoo ties around the baby's back in the cross-carry position providing extra support to both wearer and infant, whereas the wrap slings tie on the wearer's hip. 

The MamaRoo doubles over itself in the one-shoulder positions, then ties loosely and folds back into a bag sewn into the tail. The pillow that results from the extra tail length being folded into the bag can be used under small babies for even more support, or on the wearer's shoulder for larger babies to rest their head while being carried. The bag sewn into the tail can also be used to carry an extra diaper or change of clothes for the infant. The wrap slings do not have a bag sewn into the tail.

The MamaRoo Baby Slings are made of 100% cotton broadcloth or all natural 55%Hemp/45%Cotton Blends.  After wearing the sling for a couple of days the fabric "wears-in" to feel like a soft sheet.  You can get a feel for the fabric by asking to see the broadcloth selections or the muslin selections at your local fabric store. 
The MamaRoo uses fabric that has very little give specifically to allow extra support to the carrier.  How to explain, well, imagine comparing a support bra to a beginner bra!  The support bra will hold all the weight of those 'nursing parts.'  If you have a hard time wearing your baby because of shoulder, back, neck pain, the fabric will hold your baby's weight rather than conform completely to the baby. Most wrap slings are made of 100% cotton fabric with a special weave that stretches diagonally, helping to embrace the baby's body.   This special weave is wonderful as it conforms to the baby rather to the carrier.  Others have lycra added to help stretch with the baby.  Take the kind of support you need into consideration!  

The one-sized MamaRoo Baby Sling can be worn in all of the noted wearing positions. The wrap slings typically have several different sizes, depending on the wrap that you prefer to use.

How does the MamaRoo Baby Sling compare to ringed slings?

The MamaRoo does not have rings. The threading pocket takes the place of rings by placing friction on the two tail ends that pull through either side of the fabric, much like a doubled drawstring.

Some, not all, ringed slings are padded. The MamaRoo is not padded.

The MamaRoo can be worn in all of the same carrying positions as the ringed slings.


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